Fantasy or Reality?

What would you give ?
What would you take?
To mold the clay dough
For your destiny to make

For once let us play God
For we are no good as men
What say you , though?
For once let’s get free from chains.

I know, I know my friend
You twitch your hallowed nose
But c’mon, just this once
Admit, this isn’t the life you chose.

So, how would you have it?
If you could, for once, have it all?
Be the hero who beats all odds
Or be born with a golden ball?

Think big, you could be anything
So who, then, would you be?
A free bird wandering in the sky,
Or a caged bird wondering to be free?

But birds don’t all make it.
Either a free or a caged
And the heroes do fall harder
The higher did they once waged.

So maybe you would go for balance
A life with subtle mix of affairs?
Sup in the joy and grieve the sorrows
Laugh all the laughs and cry all tears?

Oh My dear friend,
Look where we have come!
Back to where we once started
With the exact smile,with tear sum

You were the mighty God
Once, you chose to be the mortal you
So regret not your gift to yourself
For this too shall pass into the blue.

I know, I know my friend
I got your mind spinning in the dark,
But think not all this to be fantasy
For this what happened as the journey embark.


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