An Exquisite Universe!

You are a universe,

With a unique mind.

Among the billions,

You are one of a kind.

Your eyes –

The gate to the colossal grandeur.

Your smile –

The dazzle by a zillion stars.

The galaxies gushing

Through your veins.

The Pillars of Creation

In your mind.

Your skin –

The force that holds you tight,

Protecting the beauty

You are inside.

Your feet –

The gravity you have to be,

Pulled towards other universes,

Lovely and alluring.

Sometimes both collide:

Spreading the cosmic dust of joy,

Fused together until infinity.

Other times:

A mere cloud of dust and gas.

The clouds fuse again,

Healing you in disturbing

Yet amazing ways.

Your heart –

A gorgeous nebula,

Pumping the celestial bodies

Throughout your body.

Your breathe –

Takes the stardust in,

Throw the rubbles out,

And radiates your grace.

You are everything,

From the crying comets,

To the rigid asteroids;

From the lively planets

To the lazy dwarf;

From the enormous stars of love,

To the darkness of mess.

Sometimes as empty as dark matters,

Sometimes as lively as a giant nebula.

With your growing age,

Lives a black hole at the centre,

Slowly eating you inside,

Taking you near to singularity.

More you let your stars die,

More the monsters,

Sooner the end.

Let your stars shine.

Let the galaxies flow.

Let the celestials fluorish.

The end is inevitable,

But your elegance is forever,

Speeding through other universes.

You are a universe, and

You are irresistibly exquisite.


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